libdill: Structured Concurrency for C


bundle - create an empty coroutine bundle


#include <libdill.h>

int bundle(void);


Coroutines are always running in bundles. Even coroutine created by go() gets its own bundle. Bundle is a lifetime control mechanism. When it is closed all coroutines within the bundle are canceled.

This function creates an empty bundle. Coroutines can be added to the bundle using bundle_go() and bundle_go_mem() functions.

If hdone() is called on the bundle it waits while all coroutines exit. After calling hdone(), irrespective of whether is succeeds or times out, no further coroutines can be launched using the bundle.

When hclose() is called on the bundle all the coroutines contained in the bundle will be canceled. In other words, all the blocking functions within the coroutine start failing with ECANCELED error. The hclose() function itself won't exit until all the coroutines in the bundle exit.


Returns a handle to the bundle. In the case of an error, it returns -1 and sets errno to one of the values below.



int b = bundle();
bundle_go(b, worker());
bundle_go(b, worker());
bundle_go(b, worker());
msleep(now() + 1000);
/* Cancel any workers that are still running. */